Team building informal group dynamics

Informal Group Dynamics

The communications dynamic

The Grapevine

Another characteristic of the informal group is its communications network.

The informal group has communications processes that are smoother and less cumbersome than those of the formal organization.

Thus its procedures are easily changed to meet the communication needs of the group. In the informal group, a person who possesses information vital to the group's functioning or well-being is frequently afforded leadership status by its members.

Also, the centrally located person in the group is in the best position to facilitate the smooth flow of information among group members.

Knowing about informal group communication the supervisor can provide a strategically placed individual with information needed by the group. This not only enhances the stature of this individual perhaps elevating him or her to a leadership position but also provides an efficient means of distributing information.

Providing relevant information to the group will also help foster harmony between the supervisor and the informal group.

By winning the cooperation of informal group leaders the supervisor will most likely experience fewer grievances and better relationships.

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