Employee motivation guide summary


Format: PDF
Pages: 115

Section 1:

  • Overview of the development of management sciences from earliest times to the present and the search for productivity.

Section 2:

  • Productivity explained and defined at the various org. levels.
  • The three basic approaches to improving productivity
  • Employee motivation theory and practice
  • Employee rewards
  • Managing and leading informal workgroups
  • Better management by perception-the self-fulfilling prophecy
  • How to design jobs to maximize employee motivation
  • Developing a cohesive HR strategy
  • Practical application of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Practical application of good business communication practices
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Employee Motivation, the Organizational Environment and Productivity contains a framework to comprehensively improve business performance. With extensive insights, diagnostic checklists, references and techniques to help you transform your workplace and improve your management and leadership potential.

Every organizational environment is a trove of opportunity for business performance improvement. The problem is most people don't see it. That's where this PDF guide comes in. Managers, supervisors, trainers and SME owners will find a comprehensive, non-technical and practical approach to develop a personal approach that improve business performance.

Effects of employee motivation on productivity schematic

Students and educators will find the guide a rich source from which to approach the subjects, with extensive references for further study and research.

Whether you work in an office or on the shopfloor, in a for profit or not for profit organization the bottom line is productivity. You achieve this with and through people. As a manager you are responsible for your people and the organizational resources entrusted. This PDF e-book will comprehensively and practically show you how and where to achieve the right balance between the 'scientific' and 'human relations' approaches when striving to improve productivity, with and through your people.

  • Simple and practical
  • Concepts clearly and simply illustrated
  • Beneficial learning and training resource
  • Applicable to any business organization
  • Career long skill enhancement benefit
Improve productivity

Customize the content to the specific conditions existing in your organizational environment to improve productivity. Deploy the principles of employee motivation that are appropriate to your workplace. Learn and deploy the most appropriate leadership style.

Reduce workload

Reduce work content by wandering around your office / shopfloor with the ergonomic checklists, talk with employees, listen and watch the ideas for improvement flow. These simple, effective and easy to deploy checklists will find areas for improvement in your workplace, today, tomorrow and beyond.

Transform the work environment

The guide is full of ideas to enable you to improve performance by transforming key variables in the organizational environment

Produce superior workplaces

Product workplaces where employees at all levels feel their contribution is valued, their needs are catered for and their creative talents are promoted and improve productivity at the same time.

Design and develop

  • Design and develop an improved organizational environment.
  • Design into jobs the factors that drive your employees
  • Explore how a considered and planned approach to people management can improve business performance
  • Improve formal and informal business communication systems

Improve your leadership

Lead and manage better the informal group dynamics in your organization. Show employees you are thinking about their needs when you improve and execute business changes.

Management development

The guide is a ‘bedrock’ development resource, with comprehensive and extensive references to enable you to further development your management and leadership thinking, style and effectiveness. Extensive list of references included at the end of each section, provide supporting detail for the discussion and for further research.