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Guide to personal effectiveness and evaluation


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Pages: 71

  • Introduction
  • You and your job
  • Time management
  • Handling problems
  • You and your workplace
  • Working with people
  • Handling your resources
  • Handling change
  • Handling stress

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The aim of this PDF
This is a simple and effective guide to overcoming the problems that get in the way at work. It therefore covers the age-old problem of how to fit all the things we have to do into twenty four hours, how to handle those knotty problems that always crop up, how to store things so that we can find them when we need them and at the end of the day - how to switch off.

It is not, however, a book of management theory nor a work of psychology or sociology; while borrowing some ideas from all these fields it is essentially a book based on everyday experience, written with a minimum of jargon and applying principles of common sense to everyday problems that impact on us at work.


Take control and achieve more in your job!

This guide contains eight chapters (modules) to improve your job performance, change work habits and enhance your career prospects.

You and your collegues will notice how more confidently, efficiently and effectively you handle your workload, once you have worked through this guide.

With extensive tips and techniques this guide will help you become more productive, more confident in your self management skills, more marketable and more able to achieve outstanding results with any job you are tasked with.

Guide to self-evaluation and improved personal effectiveness

Achieve Outstanding Results in Your Current Job

This guide on personal effectiveness shows you how to turn problems into growth and development opportunities, how best to manage your time, how to get your message across and how to switch off from work when you need to.

It is not just another ‘make some resolutions’ and then forget about text. It is a practical self-help guide to getting your work done, whatever you’re tasked with, more effectively and more efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Simple and practical
  • Concepts clearly and simply illustrated
  • Includes learning objectives
  • Beneficial training resource for employees at most levels
  • Applicable to any job of work
  • Career long skill enhancement benefit

Key features

Designed to help make your learning as effective -and enjoyable - as possible include:

  • A list of objectives - key activities that you should be able to carry out when you have completed the chapter to improve your work habits and enable you to achieve more.
  • Written activities - either in the text itself or, if you prefer, in a separate notebook, relating to what you do and how you do it.
  • To do activities. This may simply be to think about an issue or idea, or it may involve you in a practical activity, say, recording your progress at work over several days.
  • Examples - say, of someone else’s work methods or of a real-life problem that someone has encountered and how they solved it.
  • Personal agenda for action - a set of resolutions to put what you have learned into practice. This is a reminder that the guide is about practical, attainable changes in working habits.