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Supervisors Guide to Productivity Improvement



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Productivity Improvement

How productivity is improved

Using our productivity model, improvements can be realized by:

  • Achieving more output for the same input
  • Achieving the same output from less input
  • Achieving much more output for slightly more input
  • Getting slightly less output for much less input

There are six lines of attack to improve the productivity ratio of an organization, namely:

  • Improve basic process by research and development (long term)
  • Improve and provide new plant, equipment, and machinery (long term)
  • Simplify product and reduce variety (medium term)
  • Improve existing methods and procedures (short term)
  • Improve the planning of work and the use of manpower (short term)
  • Increase the overall effectiveness of employees (short term)

The focus of the Accel-Team services are the short term lines of attack. The areas that most, if not all employees can contribute to, in a measurable way.

That is, if employees are properly motivated, coached, receive the right information at the right time, use simple productivity improvement tools and techniques and are rewarded in an appropriate way.

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