If you were in omnipotent?

Now try this, write down (given that you are all powerful and your wishes will be enacted) what you would do to reward and motivate the people in the following scenarios, also indicate why you would choose each solution:

  • A team of gold miners working 6 kilometers underground (as they do in South Africa)? At that level some oil on a rock is all that is needed to prepare steak and eggs. It's truly 'hellish' and dangerous.
  • A line operator producing sports trainers in Burma for 12 hours a day, 6 days a week?
  • The mother in China who made your socks, and who sees her only 2 children (she is only allowed 2) once every 4 months.
  • A person harvesting your coffee beans in Columbia?
  • A sailor on the tanker that brought the crude oil that sits refined in your tank as petrol?
  • The person who felled the trees that made the paper your company invoices go out on?
  • The people in the Administration section of your organization?
  • The people who produce the goods your company produces, or deliver the services your organization supplies?
  • The people who clean your workplaces, after you leave for home each day?
  • The people at the top of your organization?
  • The people who provide the source of funds in your organization (identify who they are first)?
  • A talented employee in your organization whose educational qualifications are not impressive, but who has and does show extraordinary talent in leadership (informally), management and process improvement, but does not somehow seem to 'fit' any existing organizational 'moulds'?
  • A seemingly untalented employee who sings like Caruso in the local amateur opera company during his spare time and who has won regional awards for his singing? He is bright, enthusiastic and garrulously expounds intelligently and articulately on any subject under the sun. Some say 'if only he had had a proper education....'
  • A seemingly averagely talented employee who grows awarding winning roses in her spare time and whose garden enhances the community it is situated in. She is popular, especially at harvest time, as she also grows superb tomatoes which she hands out to certain colleagues after they have been harvested each year?
  • A previously talented manager whose marriage has broken down and is separated from his partner and his children. He is known to be drinking heavily. His performance and that of his department is well below that which existed before his personal difficulties?
  • A manager who consistently meets targets / budgets but who totally demoralizes the employees he is charged with? In addition, he is completely impervious to new ideas, but is well connected and socializes with members of senior management at the local golf club. He is a poor golfer by any standards but his wife throws exceptional parties, according to those who are invited. In addition, you check the records and see that no (publishable) suggestions have come from employees in his department into the company suggestion scheme, since he was promoted.
  • Your CEO of your long established high tech company, which is a global brand, has overseen the decline in the companies fortunes during her tenure, such that shareholder returns have been negative for 10 years. Consequently, in real terms the companies share price is as it was 10 years ago and the annual dividend has now been withheld for the 4th year in a row? She is perceived externally as charismatic and a splendid communicator, her key strengths being communications and marketing. Internally, she is perceived as not understanding your companies core values and the ethos that has prevailed since the company was founded nearly a hundred years ago. There is considerable residual umbrage amongst those of the 'old guard' who remained after her initial savage restructuring. She spends a lot of her time preparing for the next quarters round of conference calls and during this preparation time, many orders issue from her office to all quarters of the organization.

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