Do we want and need to work hard?

Now consider:

  • What is a fair days work for people in the 'If you were…' groups?
  • What is a fair reward for them?
  • What would you consider to be exceptional performance in each scenario?
  • How would you define exceptional performance?
  • How would you reward exceptional performance?
  • The notion of 'hard work'. What does it mean?
  • Who really wants to work hard?
  • Who wants us to work hard and why?
  • Is hard work rewarding, if so how and for whom?
  • If hard work is a virtue, why don't more people go to work in a South African gold mine? Pick coffee beans in Columbia? Clean toilets for a living?
  • The notion of 'Arbeit Macht Frei' 'Freedom Through Labor' (the sign above the gate at Auschwitz.)
  • Define talent.
  • Define experience.
  • Define wisdom.
  • How much talent, experience and wisdom have you in your organization?
  • Where, internally or externally, does this talent, experience and wisdom focus its attention?
  • Do qualifications equate with talent, experience and wisdom?
  • Is your organization blinded by the qualifications of the few, preventing the contributon of the talent, experience and wisdom of the many?
  • How can talent, experience and wisdom better express itself in the workplace?
  • Should we look for talent, experience and wisdom in our workplaces and in the people we seek to hire? Where are we likely to find it?
  • If liberated in the workplace, what are the likely benefits?
  • Relationships at work. What does any decent person want from a relationship?
  • How many relationships can you think of that exist in your workplace? One to one, one to many, many to many? Are they open, honest and direct, or not?
  • Honestly, is the talent, experience and wisdom, plus relationships being exploited, in the negative sense, in your workplace? Or, is the talent and the relationships motivated to express itself / themselves, fully congruent with the goals of your organization, the wider community and beyond?