Joint Competitive Advantages

Forging strategic alliances will improve Accel-Teams’ market position and enable us to reach our joint goals. Specifically:

  • With Accel-Team titles, current and under development, our truly global reach via our Web site, your local, regional and national knowledge, plus expertise in delivering results into client organizations we can move forward together through achieving growth that would be otherwise be very difficult, or unattainable.

Our Strengths

We judge our strengths to be:

  • A global reach
    Our Web site traffic is truly global and is visited by people from every sector, governments (national and local,) the military, the services sectors (health, medical aide, technology, real estate, etc,) manufacturing etc.
  • Products
    Our products are based on achieving results with and through employees in a diverse portfolio of organizations with an equally diverse mix of cultures.
  • Management
    Experienced management in dealing with the technologies and strategies for making a tangible difference when it comes to delivering results with and through employees.

Strategic Partner Strengths

The strengths we are looking for when seeking to partner include:

  • Located in the previously mentioned locations
  • Professional and friendly approach when dealing with human relations and diversity in the workplace
  • Basic technology to deliver training and development resources either in–house or onsite at customers premises
  • An existing customer base
  • Sound experienced management
  • Good reputation gained from an existing customer base
  • Knowledge of and appreciation of the importance of improving and delivering value to customers


Partners of Accel-Team are more likely to fit into a successful and sustainable strategic alliance if:

  • Partner managements have a strong desire to achieve growth objectives and goals
  • Able to develop with us open honest communications and reporting, so as to build confidence and trust
  • Able on occasions to guide and lead us and other occasions be guided and led by us on matters arising from the alliance, the delivery of products and services and the development of new products and services
  • Sound working methods and practices based on a clear view of what the customer wants and a sound diagnostic ability to organizational problems
  • Alertness to opportunities for new product / service development based on observations in the organizations they have delivered into
  • Ability to develop close relationships with existing customers, based on providing a problem solving service to challenges faced in workplaces
  • Be able to identify with the problems faced by management and supervision and be able to formulate and deliver solutions in terms of training and developmental resources
  • Be able to identify with the problems faced by employees below the levels of management and supervisors and deliver encompassing solutions that meets the needs of all
  • A balanced view of both the short- vs. long-term outlook
  • Are more influenced by function than by form i.e. customer improvement results are the priority

Challenges for Accel-Team

There will be number of challenges to be overcome, not least the risk of partners under reporting, not reporting or merely becoming a ‘partner’ to gain access to our training resources, then absconding.
The challenges faced by Accel-Team are summarized as follows.

  • Licensing and commission fee agreement
  • Arrangement for payment of licensing fee and commissions due
  • Reporting back to us the clients served and number of course attendees
  • Reporting back to us on feedback received from clients and course attendees
  • The logistics of sharing information or resources are deemed to be minimal

Challenges for Partners

The risks to a partner will be minimal. The main consideration would be the risk or opportunity cost of not proceeding with the alliance, where the potential for synergy exists. We provide the content, materials and customer referrals; in return we charge a fee and in case of referrals a commission.