Broad Goals for Accel-Team

Accel-Team has an experience base of improving productivity, through and with employees and educating management on how to unlock the insights, experiences and creativity when approaching team building and productivity improvement.

To achieve significant growth our medium to long-term goals are to:

    • Improve our organizational processes, capacity and capability
    • Innovate in the field of productivity improvement for SMEs
    • Improve our distribution / delivery opportunities
    • Expanded our geographic market presence
    • Diversify the business into related areas

    Broad Goals for Partners

    Potential partners should consider and review the following goals when evaluating the strategic alliance proposal.

    • The potential to increase competitive advantage in their own domestic markets
    • The innovative approach we use (based on real world workplace experiences) to adding value to the training and development of human resources. The thrust of our training is to enable employees to make significant improvements back in the workplace and be motivated to do so.
    • The increased financial rewards flowing from
      • Exposure
        An alliance partner can expect to receive exposure to a much larger potential customer base at no extra cost. Ambitious partners can grow from local, to regional, to national, to international providers.
      • Products
        Globally, organizations in all sectors, are and will continue to seek to improve the productivity of the resources deployed, (the focus of Accel-Teams’ resources.) Partners grow their product portfolio with the training and development courseware packs provided by Accel-Team.
      • Risk
        There is little risk in forming an alliance with Accel-Team. Both Accel-Team via our Web site, and a partner via whatever channels, market our products.
        We bring additional customers to a partner from our Web site, and the partner also is able to market / sell to existing customers and to new customers.
        We derive our revenue by charging a partner a license fee for each delegate attending a course using our materials. Plus, a commission on each invoice we bring to a partner.
        If a partner gains an invoice from existing marketing / sales channels, there is no commission payable (but the license fee per delegate still applies.)

    Specific Objectives for Accel-Team

    Accel-Team short-term, specific, objectives are as follows:

    • Establish partners in USA, Canada, India, Australia,  Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand, and Middle East, who can deliver our products
    • Grow revenue in these regions by 35% year on year, over the next 3 years

    Specific Objectives for Partners

    Partners can reasonably expect to achieve short-term and measurable objectives 

    • Grow revenue through handling Accel-Team contracts in their region
    • Grow revenue by adding to their portfolio and marketing Accel-Team productivity improving training and development resources