About Accel-Team

Tangible results from, with and through employees Adding value to your people

Accel -Team training and developmentAccel-Team, based on the West Coast of Cumbria, in the UK, draws on the extensive experience and knowledge of improving productivity of human and others resources. This experience and knowledge base emanates from a diverse management services project portfolio in a evergrowing number of industries, both here in the UK, the Middle East, Pakistan and South / Southern Africa.

We bring to bear a diverse portfolio project experiences and the resulting observations of organizational culture, behavior and the changes brought about by changes in processes and methods.

These project experiences were in the fields of work study, industrial engineering, organization & methods (O&M), and business analysis.

Sensible, simple and relevant approach to improvement Our objective

Team building training objectivesOur objective is to assist managements to obtain the best use of the three main organizational factors in producing goods or services,

  • Manpower
  • Machine, equipment and plant
  • Materials

to improve productivity. We do this by tapping into the collective knowledge, experiences and wisdom of the people from all walks, within your organization.

By productivity we mean the wider definition of the word, which is considered the ratio of output to input, or revenue to expenditure.

It is important to note that the objective is the overall improvement of productivity, for it is no benefit to improve one factor (say machine productivity) at the expense of another (say manpower.)

Fundamentally, this objective has three aspects:

  • The most effective use of plant, equipment and materials
  • The most effective use of human effort
  • The evaluation of human work

There is always a better way of doing something. This is, was and will forever be a universal truth. To this end we provide resources to;

  • Improve productivity, by reducing the time it takes to do tasks
  • Make work easier, by reducing work content
  • Improve the working environment, to improve employee motivation

Easier, simpler, quicker, rewarding, safer and fun The value of our services and resources

Value of our team building training
  • They produce tangible results quickly
  • Normally, no large capital outlay is required to make significant improvements
  • They are simple and are readily grasped by supervisors and below
  • They switch on many lights in peoples minds
  • The facts and improvements gained can be used to improve performance throughout the organization
  • There is no workplace in no sector to which they cannot be applied
  • We know they provide outstanding value
  • They work

Tangible value added results The results you can confidently expect

Value added results

To your organization

  • Reduce costs
  • More effective management control
  • Better service to your customers and suppliers

To you the manager

  • Smoother running processes, systems and departments
  • Improved planning of the department and the organization
  • Easier supervision
  • Improved team building capability
  • Expanded skills base in the crucial areas that really make a difference
  • Increased job satisfaction

To your employees

  • Job security
  • Improve working conditions
  • Improved earnings and career potential
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