Team Building: How to guides to improve the performance of business teams.

  • Overview
  • Team
  • Motivation
  • Performance
  • Evaluation


Make significant improvements to the contributions made by individuals in your team and indeed your team's overall performance to organizational success with the guides contained in the Team Improvement Collection.

Accel Team has put together a set of guides to help you make step changes to the performance of your team. Our guides will enable you to do this by showing you how to:

  • Solve those business problems that cause the people problems
  • Solve the people problems that cause the business problems
  • Improve performance on a day-to-day basis at the operational level of your organization, with and through people you work with

Each of the four guides will fundamentally change the way you approach each of the subjects under review, whether it be

  • Removing the organisational and people barriers that impede success
  • Tackling employee motivation / engagement issues
  • Solving employee performance problems
  • Evaluating and selecting employees - the more effective your evaluation / selection, the more effective training and development programs

You will find it easier to delegate, meet targets and achieve performance improvements with these guides to develop your thinking and approach to team performance improvement.

You can expect to achieve simple, easy to implement and effective improvements in your workplace straightaway. Over time expect to get noticed as you confidently tackle all manner of organizational improvement problems.

No matter what type of organization you work in, the common sense approach, plus practical techniques contained in the Team Improvement Collection will significantly enhance your leadership and management when you are looking to make transformational changes.

In a nutshell you'll be able to produce tangible results for one small price.

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Guide to Team Building and Team Development

Team buildingThe guide will show you how to remove the organizational barriers that prevent employees working together and at the same time show you how to improve the performance of your department / organisation / process.

  • Effective resource to achieve goal congruence
  • Designed to be delivered by a non technical trainer
  • Highly effective employee consultative process- you can re-purpose materials for other projects
  • Methodology maximizes employee commitment
  • Maximizes chances of successful outcome
  • Outcomes achieved quickly
  • Works at all levels in the organization


Format: PDF


  • Introduction
  • Preparatory work required
  • Defining problems, opportunities and direction
  • Looking for solutions and better ways
  • Choosing a solution
  • Installation of solution

Successful team building has far reaching ramifications in an organization. Improve the way team members interact and you improve their ability to solve problems. Better problem–solving means better efficiency in general. Increased efficiency tends to boost morale and productivity. It also helps to decrease stress, turnover and operating costs. And all of these improvements bolster the organizations public image. Once established an effective team becomes self perpetuating.

Guide to Employee Motivation

Employee motivationManagers, supervisors and SME owners will find the Guide to Employee Motivation, the Organizational Environment and Productivity an authoritative publication from which to review and revise the organizational environment.

Educators and students will find it a rich source of material from which to approach the subjects.

  • Extensive list of references included at the end of each chapter
  • Extensive and comprehensive set of checklists to transform jobs and workplaces, including job design pro forma


Format: PDF
Pages: 115

Section 1:

    • Overview of the development of management sciences from earliest times to the present and the search for productivity.

Section 2:

    • Productivity at the macro and micro levels.
    • The three basic approaches to improving productivity
    • Employee motivation theory and practice
    • Employee rewards
    • Managing and leading informal workgroups
    • Better management by perception-the self-fulfilling prophecy
    • How to design jobs to maximize employee motivation
    • Developing a cohesive HR strategy
    • Practical application of ergonomics in the workplace
    • Practical application of good business communication practices
Free! Personal survey instrument

Maslows ’ hierarchy of needs personal survey instrument. Needs drive behaviour, so what needs level are you and your employees operating at?

Guide to Solving Employee Performance Problems

Employee performanceThere are alternatives to transferring, terminating or re-training employees when you are faced with poor job performance.

This guide, Solving Employee Performance Problems, will enable you to succeed more when addressing poor employee performance by using a systematic approach when faced with substandard employee performance. The guide will take you through questions you need to answer in order to improve employee performance.

Includes Employee Performance Checklist, Quick Start Performance Exercise, Model of Human Performance Decision Chart

  • Can be applied in any under performing employee situation
  • Rewarding process when you turn under-achievers into star performers
  • Employees respond when you tackle the real problem in a non judgmental way

Details: Format: PDF A4 size
Pages: 10


    • Description of methodology and each of the 12 steps
    • Employee Performance Checklist
    • Performance Analysis Exercise
    • Employee Performance Flow Chart

    All necessary materials are included for you to improve the handling of employee (non) performance in your area.

Guide to Employee Evaluation and Selection

Employee evaluation and selectionThe Guide to Employee Evaluation and Selection will provide you with an improved instrument and framework from which to make improvements in your evaluation and selection of your employees process. The more effective your selection, training and development programs are the easier it is for you to delegate, meet targets and achieve improved productivity.

Employee evaluation position profile

Employees like to think and feel they are making progress and are developing. This instrument and framework makes it so much easier and discernable to all, to see that development / selection programs are effective and employees are making progress.

Employee evaluation and selection catagories

  • Easy to deploy
  • Incorporate existing data (i.e. job specifications) to compile job profiles onto radar charts
  • Dimension jobs according to categories such as communication skills, technical skills, knowledge, personal impact, career ambitions, management skills, motivational drive, decision making etc.
  • subdivide each further such as planning, organizing, delegation, control etc.
  • Job profiles can be compiled for blue and white collar jobs
  • Evaluate employees, or prospective employees against relevant job profiles using over 600 categorized questions entering data curves on job profile radar charts
  • Provides a visual record for comparisons between employees
  • Many other uses such as manpower planning, training and development programming etc.
  • Ideal for SME's and managers wishing to develop her / his employees

Format: PDF A4 size
Pages: 35