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Supervisors Guide to Productivity Improvement



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Productivity Improvement


Health & safety at work issues

Poor health and safety observance and adherence to regulations can and will lead to accidents. Everyday accidents in organizations costs.

Apply the job knowledge and experiences of team members, together with the checklist below to reveal potential or known problem areas for improvement. Build this checklist into your team building activities to make an improvement to safety and productivity, in your organization.

TIP: Measure the before and after effect wherever possible. That is, you should attempt to quantify each cause of waste you attack, in terms of money, time and material. This way you can objectively assess the difference you have made in the area of accident prevention.

Common causes of accidents

  • Failure to recognize accident prevention as part of the business process
  • Failure to give all employees thorough instruction in safe practice
  • Failure to install and maintain safeguards
  • Allowing employees to work with guards out of place
  • Failure to display safety signs and keep them legible
  • Failure to thoroughly understand accident costs
  • Poor housekeeping
  • Lack of understanding of what constitutes an accident hazard
  • Failure to keep accident records, to analyze them, and to use the information
  • Not setting a good example in safe practice
  • Lack of regular and conscientious safety inspections
  • Failure to enforce consistently all safety rules and regulations
  • Allowing employees to work without the necessary safety apparel
  • Failure to recognize personal responsibilities for accidents
  • Failure to stimulate and maintain interest of employees in accident prevention
  • Lack of compliance in respect of statutory regulations
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