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Supervisors Guide to Productivity Improvement



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Productivity Improvement


Identifying areas for improvements in labor utilization and efficiency

Here is a checklist of common causes of labor utilzation and efficiency.

Apply your job knowledge, together with this checklist to make a difference over time.

Build this checklist into your team building activities to make an improvement to productivity, and therefore job security, in your organization.

TIP: Measure the before and after effect wherever possible. That is, you should attempt to quantify each cause of waste you attack, in terms of money, time and material. This way you can objectively assess the difference you have made

Failure to get the best efforts of which employees are capable

  • Failure to commend exceptional performance
  • Failure to explain as much about the work so as to make it interesting
  • Lack of interest in employees progress and affairs
  • Failure to admit mistakes
  • Lack of attention to employees ability and temperament in assigning work
  • Failure to view employees as individuals in order to motivate them
  • Countenancing the formation of cliques
  • Rating employees on any grounds but competence; racial, religious, fraternal, etc.
  • Keeping an employee in a job for which he is not mentally of physically suitable
  • Permitting employees to work when they are sick
  • Not giving employees the support and help they need
  • Failure to promote an employee when it is possible and appropriate
  • Lack of due consideration of problems affecting wages and working conditions
  • Failure to train an understudy