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Supervisors Guide to Productivity Improvement



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Productivity Improvement


Searching for causes of poor interpersonal relationships / non-cooperation

Here is a checklist of common causes of poor interpersonal relationships and a lack of cooperation at work. Apply your job knowledge, together with this checklist to make a difference over time. Build this checklist into your team building activities to make an improvement to productivity, and therefore job security, in your organization.

TIP: Measure the before and after effect wherever possible. That is, you should attempt to quantify each cause of waste you attack, in terms of money, time and material. This way you can objectively assess the difference you have made.

Failure to cooperate

  • With other others at the same level in other departments
  • With clerical, engineering, sales, personnel departments, etc.
  • Lack of a thorough understanding of company policies and failure to explain them to employees
  • Failure to deal with gossip and rumors
  • Passing the buck; up, across or down the organization
  • Not adequately representing the employees
  • Permitting disgruntled employees to agitate and unsettle other employees
  • Failure to give support to unpopular company policies
  • Failure to promote friendliness and cooperation among employees
  • Thoughtless criticism by the supervisor himself/ herself of any company policy or of any individual in the organization
  • Not cooperating whole heartily with management in its educational activities such as apprentice training, bulletin boards, customer ralationship management intitatives, employees magazines, suggestions schemes, safety meetings
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