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Supervisors Guide to Productivity Improvement



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Productivity Improvement


Ignoring new ideas that could lead to increased productivity

The list below are symptomatic of lost productivity through not being receptive to new ideas and thinking. Have your team members apply their job knowledge, and experience together with this checklist to determine if this has happened in the past. How can new ideas in the future be fully evaluated?

Build this checklist into your team building activities to make an improvement to productivity, and therefore job security, in your organization. Stress that it is every ones interest to be alert to new thinking and where appropriate install such thinking into processes and methods. Be alert to questions along the lines of 'What's in it for us?' Would fair and equitable financial reward be in order?

TIP: Measure the before and after effect wherever possible. That is, you should attempt to quantify each cause of waste you attack, in terms of money, time and material. This way you can objectively assess the difference you have made.

Ignoring Potentially Good Ideas

  • Failure to listen and comment when workers offer suggestions.
  • Failure to encourage workers to offer suggestions.
  • Not asking workers advice on problems.
  • Failure to read and study about the work and about business methods.
  • Failure to get from new employees helpful ideas which they may bring from previous employment.
  • Not consulting enough with other departments, such as engineering, etc.
  • Failure to consider or refer to the proper person all usable suggestions no matter where they come from.
  • Failure to take proper interest in meetings.
  • Failure to benchmark performance of organization with other similar organizations and the sector as a whole.
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