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Detailed on this page are summaries of some of our PDFs. Some are free and fully printable, others are extracts from our commercially available PDFs. The focus of which is team building, productivity improvement and employee motivation / engagement.

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Productivity Measurement Increasing the productivity of office staff

Increasing the productivity of office staff.Office productivity is a major concern of managements. One factor is a mistaken view that changes in office productivity cannot be measured and that there is therefore no way of ensuring that action to improve performance achieves tangible results. However, the productivity of office work can be measured, and changes up and down can be detected allowing managerial action to be taken to ensure that improvement takes place. In the following article we suggest how to go about it. View / Print PDF about: Click to view and or print article on measuring and improving the productivity of office staff.

Team Building Exercise Team Leader Assessment of Team Norms Instrument

Team norms instrument for mangement self assessment.Use his instrument to clarify your perceptions when approaching team building in your department. It will clarify your perceptions and begin the formulation of a strategy to go about addressing the issues it raises in your mind. In our Guide to Team Building (part of the Team Improvement Collection) we show you how to go about tackling the issues with and through your people.

Keep in mind only 'accentuating the positive' whilst not tackling the negatives is a sure-fire way to failure. View / Print PDF about: Click to view and or print our team leader assessement instrument in PDF.

Employee Training and Development Planning and customizing individual employee training programs

Planning and customizing individual employee training programs PDF.In training and developing employees, it is important that managers and supervisors know how;
• to assess employee training needs
• to set performance goals and
• to plan developmental strategies accordingly.
These three steps make development an individualized, systematic process. This article explains these concepts and suggests a process that will meet the goals of the organization and the career development aspirations of individual employees.. View / Print PDF about: Click to view and or print our planning and customizing individual employee training programs PDF

Employee Training and DevelopmentCoaching employees

Coaching employees PDF.Test your perceptions about employee development. This PDF contains a Coaching Concepts Survey as an introductory test, to gauge your perceptions in respect of employee development.The 10 statements in the survey are explained, as if they were to be installed as policy in your organization. The article then explains how you can go about using internal resources to coach and develop your employees using a simple checklist. View / Print PDF about: Click to view our PDF on coaching employees in a planned training and development process.

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Team Leadership Team leader skills development

Team leader developmentThis PDF resource (printable version is free with every PDF purchase) is designed to be a practical approach to cover some key skills you need to focus on in order to be successful when placed in charge or people and other resources. The structure will enable you to grasp the core skills required. These core skills are:
• High achievement
• Time management
• Personal effectiveness
• Solving problems and decision making
• Effective communication skills View PDF about: Highly effect resource to improve your team leader skills.

Classroom handouts

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Leader Perceptions The self-fulling prophecy: Better Management by Perception

The self-fulling prophecy: Better performance by perceptionAs it is known and taught today in management and education circles, the notion of the self–fulfilling prophecy was conceptualized by Robert Merton a professor of sociology at Columbia University. In a 1957 work called ‘Social Theory and Social Structure’, Merton said the phenomenon occurs when “a false definition of the situation evokes a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true.” View PDF about: View PDF on the self-fulfilling prophecy or pygmalion effect as it's sometimes known.

Team Building Managing the norms of informal groups

Managing the norms of informal groupsInformal groups almost always arise if opportunities exist. Often, these groups serve a counter organizational function, attempting to counteract the coercive tendencies in an organization. If management prescribes production norms that the group considers unfair, for instance, the group’s recourse is to adopt less demanding norms and to use its ingenuity to discover ways in which it can sabotage management’s imposed standards. View PDF

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Guide to Productivity Improvement

Supervisors guide to productivity measurement and improvementThis is quite simply an invaluable guide to the simple measurement and improvement of productivity. The aim in producing this guide is to provide a basic understanding of how to improve productivity in any business organization. You don’t need to search for opportunities for productivity improvement—they exist in every workplace situation. If you cannot see these opportunities in your organization, this guide will show you the way forward.
It's simple, practical and highly effective.. View PDF